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Mailbag: Clarion Awards

Allen Ramsey

August 4, 2023

Clarion Awards

Another round of awards and a night to remember.

Welcome back to the Mailbag!

This week the Office of Communications & Marketing at Texas Tech University got the results back from the final round of awards for the year. 

It had already been an impressive season of trophy collecting for the office. There's a lot of home-grown talent here, and since we've found a few good ways to put that talent on display our trophy case has been filling up. 

We already told you about the Bronze Anvil, the prestigious PRINT Award, and the eight CASE Circle of Excellence awards, including two Grand Golds, Texas Tech won this year alone. 

This week the Association for Women in Communications (AWC) announced the winners and finalists for the Clarion Awards and, once again, Texas Tech did extremely well.

For those who don't know what the AWC Clarion Awards are, here's a little explainer from the press release:

“Since 1973, the AWC Clarion Awards have recognized small business, large corporate, nonprofit, agency and government communication specialists internationally who demonstrate excellence in clear and concise communications. As one of the most prestigious competitions of its kind in the country, the 2023 competition attracted winners from all over the United States, with entries judged by teams of experts from all aspects of the marketing and communications fields.”

Celebrating its 50th year, the competition announced 87 Clarion Awards and Finalist Certificates across the country. 

Winners are picked in each category and any submission grading above 92% with the judges is named a finalist. Winning just one of these awards and having a couple of finalists is, rightly, a cause for celebration.

Texas Tech had three winners and eight finalists.

Some quick math will tell you that among the 87 awards handed out, nearly 13% came from Texas Tech. 

It will come as no surprise that the writing and design of Evermore, our university magazine, got plenty of mentions. Evermore won top honors in the Magazine Feature Article, External Publication – Circulation of 100,000 or less category for the article “Golden Girl”. Other feature articles from Evermore “The Family You Choose”, “Remembering Columbia” and “Man of the World” finished as finalists in the same category. 

Evermore also claimed a win in the Special Design/Creation category for the cover of Evermore No. 3, and both Evermore No. 3 and Evermore No. 2 finished as finalists in the Special Print Communication category. 

Aside from the magazine, Texas Tech picked up two finalist nods in the Online Journalism category for the articles “A Fandom Turned Full Circle” and “Joining Forces”. 

Our final winner was really the icing on the cake. 

Early this year we held an ambitious launch party for Evermore No. 3. It was a lot to take on and, in all honesty, we're not professional event planners. 

Our Evermore team put a lot of thought into the event. When should we host it? Where should it take place? Who should be involved in the program? What music should we play? What should it look like?

Every detail was debated, from the colors used in the lighting to the food served at the event.  

In the end, what they settled on was something very special. 

At the “Remembering Columbia” event, Texas Tech rented out Space Center Houston and hosted a stunning celebration of real-life heroes and their families. It was a night that those who attended will remember for a very long time.  

The event was named the Clarion Award winner in the Special Event – Hybrid category, another recognition of how special it truly was. 

It's no surprise that we love winning awards and celebrating those wins. But even among the laundry list of achievements we've had over the last couple of years, this one stands out. 

Congratulations to Matt Dewey, Glenys Young, Ashley Rodgers, Armando Godinez, Patrick Hutchison and everybody else involved with the planning and execution.

And a special thank you to Evelyn Husband Thompson and Ginger Kerrick Davis, who agreed to be part of that special occasion and made the night truly unforgettable.

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