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Mailbag: The Hub for Success

Allen Ramsey

February 17, 2023

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In today’s Mailbag we look at a new tool for helping students succeed.

Welcome back to the Mailbag.

In this week's edition we're taking a look at campus and the programs we have that make Texas Tech University a special place. 

Our friends over in the Office of the Provost recently implemented a new tool called Raider Success Hub (RSH) and after a few posts about it on social media, we naturally got questions about what RSH is and what it has to offer. 

As we do, we went searching for answers. We reached out to a few friends to ask questions, and what we found was an initiative with very lofty goals that should help current and future Red Raiders prosper in their academic careers. 

Raider Success Hub

So, what is Raider Success Hub?

As it was described to us, Raider Success Hub is a 360-degree approach to student success, creating a more comprehensive platform for communication between support staff, faculty and students while making it easier to share the vast resources available on campus. 

To put it simply – and this may be an oversimplification – RSH is about streamlining access and communications for students and providing a personalized map to help each student to find a path to success.

“The Raider Success Hub is an innovative and advanced approach to student success, utilizing technology, data and personalized support to assist students in achieving their goals,” Mitzi Lauderdale, vice provost for academic innovation and student success said. “It represents a significant shift in our approach to student success, streamlining access to available resources and simplifying navigation of a large university. 

“The RSH encourages collaboration between various departments to support student development, success, retention, graduation and professional placement, with a focus on innovation and engagement.”

The RSH staff includes librarians, academic and career advisors, financial aid advisors and many others all committed to supporting students. 

RSH will allow students to view their academic status, alerts, deadlines and more – all in one place. They will also be able to: 

  • see appointments and class schedules, 
  • complete tasks related to success plans, 
  • explore majors, minors and careers and 
  • have access to student resources in one place: billing, financial aid, career services, registration, wellness, etc. 

As for those lofty goals?

Raider Success Hub is looking to foster a 90% first-year student retention rate and 70% graduation rate. 

To do that, RSH is breaking down the walls that have at times kept resources and information insulated on a campus this size. By bringing together all of the tools and data available, faculty, staff and students will all be able to work together with the aid of key metric data to make sure Texas Tech students are getting the personalized education they need and deserve. 

“At Texas Tech, we take pride in our people and our ultimate objective with the Raider Success Hub is to empower students with the resources and assistance they need to succeed,” Lauderdale said. 

“We understand that student needs are continually evolving, which is why our vision is to meet students where they are in their unique journey. This requires personalized engagements and success pathways tailored to each individual student, which the tools within the Raider Success Hub enable us to provide.”

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