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Mailbag: Finish Strong

Allen Ramsey

April 21, 2023

Student Union Building

We’re looking at a fine way to close out your first year on campus.

Welcome back to the Mailbag. 

Down the stretch they come! Ladies and gentlemen, it's a sprint to the finish from here and there is plenty going on around Texas Tech University right now. 

Today alone a new Masked Rider will take the reins of Centennial Champion and Raider Red's guns will be passed on; there's a Natural Resources Management research day and Fund for Excellence dinner over at the Dairy Barn; and A New Cannon Reading Series taking place at the Black Cultural Center

With the spring semester drawing ever nearer to its conclusion, our office is busy planning for the Centennial Commencement, covering the mascot festivities, getting ready for Arbor Day and planning for the summer ahead. 

We do this every year, of course, so we're used to it. For instance, we have a new set of graduates and we're always more than happy to tell you a few of their stories. Commencement is definitely a time of joy, and we strive to highlight that time and celebrate with you all. 

But there are other students we tend to forget about this time of year, so we wanted to use this space to cover that for just a few minutes today. 

For many of our students the sprint to the finish turns into pure chaos – more like running a steeple chase and hopping over huge hurdles into big puddles of muddy water. It's a lot to deal with, particularly when you aren't yet fully accustomed to college life.

Time management and study habits become crucial. Figuring that out when there's so many other activities you want to take advantage of your first year away from home can be downright impossible.

That's where we come in. 

First Year Finish

Our friends over in the Department of University Coaching & Student Achievement (UCSA) are kicking off a new program called First Year Finish, and we like the idea enough we thought we'd use this space to spread the good word about it. 

So, what is First Year Finish? 

“First Year Finish is really a time for students to get all the support they need in one place, at one time, in a fun setting with some food and other students to get more confident for their finals,” said UCSA Director Josh Sills. 

“We want this to be a relaxed, come and go event focused on getting student's what they need.”

Basically, first-year students can show up to the Student Union Building's Matador Room next Wednesday and Thursday (April 26 and 27) between 1-4 p.m. and there will be help for all the things we generally see those students struggling with.

Need some study tips on preparing for finals? We got you. Need a tutor for a particularly difficult class? Come on in. Struggling with time management? Well, this would be time well spent for you as well.  

We're here to help, and if you find yourself in quicksand, struggling to make it back to the surface before the semester ends, we urge you to take advantage of this program.

It's always a great time day to be a Red Raider, but if we can help make the day even better, count us in.  

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