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Mailbag: Let the Commencements Commence

Allen Ramsey

December 9, 2022


Commencement ceremonies are on the way and we’re here to help.

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Welcome back to the Mailbag!

The time is nearly here for the next batch of Red Raiders to leave the friendly confines of Texas Tech University and go out into the world, but not before we celebrate with the event known as commencement.  

Graduation is just around the corner, and while we're ready to celebrate with you, we at the Mailbag have a couple of questions to answer about what to expect at the ceremonies. 

We've had this one from a couple of parents, so let's start at the beginning. 

What do we need to know before coming to Lubbock for graduation?

  1. Graduation ceremonies on a campus this size are a production. They're well attended, so you'll want to make sure if you're staying in Lubbock overnight that you get out ahead of the crowd and get a room booked. 

  2. We have a clear bag policy for all events at Texas Tech. Read up on it – here's a handy link to help explain the policy – and make sure you're in compliance with it because…

  3. Parking can be rough sometimes. Parking for commencement is in the lots around the United Supermarkets Arena (here's a link with a map of the best route to the parking lot). By the time you make it to the arena, you're not going to walk all the way back to your car because you brought the wrong bag. It's also worth noting that roadwork in Lubbock right now could make getting to some of the parking lots more complicated. Which brings up…

  4. GET HERE EARLY. And don't just get here early, get the rest of your group to show up early too. There's nothing worse than trying to save seats in a busy arena for an hour just because Aunt Janice couldn't be bothered to roll up on time.

Follow these simple steps and your life will be much easier on graduation day. 

Enough of the ranting, let's get to something a little more fun.

We want to experience Lubbock and Texas Tech while we're out for graduation, what do you suggest?

We have a number of suggestions for you if you want the Lubbock experience, so we'll break this down into a couple of categories. 

For those wondering what's new at Texas Tech and wanting to have a look around the campus, Centennial-themed art is scattered all over right now. It would be worth the trip around campus to check out the new stuff on Memorial Circle and near the recreation center. You could also swing by after sunset to see the buildings around the circle all lit up for Christmas. 

Side note: For those familiar with campus, you might notice that the famous Double T scoreboard is missing at Jones AT&T Stadium. Fret not! It was taken down following the win over Oklahoma so remodeling work could be started on the south end of the stadium, and it's going to be AWESOME when it's done. 

If you're looking for some recommendations on where to take the celebrations after graduation, regardless of where you go, call ahead and try to make reservations. Lines at the restaurants get LONG on graduation day. 

If high-end is what you seek, Las Brisas, Cafe J, West Table, La Sirena and Double Nickle are all solid choices. Triple J Chophouse, Taqueria Jalisco, Orlando's Italian Restaurant and Caprock Café all offer good food for a more moderate price, and if you're looking for the full college vibe Spanky's, Chimy's and Miguel's are all good options just down the street from campus. 

The many local watering holes will also be in full swing, so feel free to drop in and wet your whistle at any of them. 

Whatever you choose, we hope you all have a great time when you visit Texas Tech and that you remember to safely and responsibly. 

Shoot us an email if you have any questions. We're looking forward to celebrating with you. 

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