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Mailbag: Red Raider Community

Allen Ramsey

June 23, 2023

In which we talk about what the Red Raider community is.

Today's Mailbag is going to take a somewhat somber tone.

Yesterday our office sat in a big meeting for most of the afternoon. We did a good bit of professional development, talking about story ideas and the themes we commonly hear and talk about at Texas Tech University.

Grit. Determination. Defiance. Toughness. Perseverance.

We talked about the drive to help rural communities, to help sustain a way of life for the people of West Texas.

As that was happening, we were also sending and fielding emails about Matador, the second town in Red Raider country to be hit by a tornado in the past two weeks.

Sometimes the grit and the determination, the toughness and perseverance, the very ideals we champion because we see them as necessary – sometimes we wish we didn't need them so much.

But the last week has shown that we do. We always will.

We also need our community.

We've written before about the fact that the greatness of Texas Tech lies with the people. And we believe that.

At times like these, we need that to show through.

At Texas Tech we love the saying “West Texas is Everywhere.”

But West Texas has to be West Texas, and both Perryton and Matador are well within those boundaries.

Now, we have no doubts about the perseverance the people in these towns will show. It's all too common, so we know the people of West Texas will rebuild and resolve to keep moving forward.

But we're Red Raiders, and we want to put out a call for help and share a few resources.

Now, we know the whole state has had some issues over the past week. Storms knocking out power and extreme heat are a bad combination everywhere.

But if you can help, please do.

Here are a few of the many places offering aid to Perryton and Matador.

  • FirstBank Southwest is accepting monetary donations for disaster victims. Donations can be made in person or via phone call at any branch in Amarillo, Booker, Hereford, Pampa and Perryton.
  • Amarillo Area Foundation's Panhandle Disaster Fund will be providing short and long-term assistance to the community.
  • United Supermarkets is working with state emergency responders to provide water and resources to first responders.
  • A Matador Relief fund has been set up at Happy State Bank.

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