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Mailbag: Looks Like You Made It

Allen Ramsey

May 12, 2023

Mortar Board

You’re Red Raiders for life now, no take backs.

Welcome back to the Mailbag. 

We have reached that time of year again, the one where a whole group of students become Texas Tech University alumni. 

You're a Red Raider for life now. It's on the resume. Nothing you can do about it. 

As always, we did our best to highlight a wide range of graduating students ahead of commencement and, if I do say so myself, we found some really cool stories to tell you guys. You can find all of those on the lovely site Centennial Commencement site and across social media. 

Now, with only a few writers and even fewer photographers and videographers, we know we can't tell every story. There's a whole heap of graduates walking this weekend and we barely scratched the surface. 

We had plenty of feedback on the stories, but one comment did stand out on social media. 

It reads “What's with all these amazing Tech grads y'all are posting? What about us mediocre ones that just became a normal working man” and has a little teardrop emoji at the end. 

Well friend, you are right!

We go out in search of excellence and, if I'm being completely honest, and considering the amount of successful students we churn out of this place, exceptional isn't all that hard to find. 

But exceptional wouldn't be exceptional if it was the average. No sir, that's not how math works. And the average student here is probably just happy to have a degree and excited to be moving on to the rest of their lives armed with a piece of paper that says they did a thing. 

So, I figured we'd take a few minutes to celebrate the rest of you and to give you a few words of encouragement. 

If you're one of graduates this week, congrats, it looks like you made it.

Was it always easy? Probably not. But those Bs and Cs counted and here you are, about to go do something else. 

What are you going to do now? We have no way of knowing for all of you, and we're pretty sure some of you don't know either. What we do know is you managed to make it through college, and for that you should be commended. 

So, here's to the students that made it through with honors, those that made it through by the skin of their teeth and everybody in between. 

Go forth and bear our banners far and wide. 

And stay in touch, because we're proud of all of you, and you're all Red Raiders forever.  

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