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Mailbag: Happy Snow Day

Allen Ramsey

January 27, 2023

What a snow day looks like at Texas Tech.

Students building snowmen in front of the Administration Building
Students building snowmen in front of the Administration Building.

Welcome back to the Mailbag!

What a start to the semester, right? Texas Tech University students returned for a couple of days to kick off the semester then got a Monday off for MLK Day. Then they came back for a week and got a Tuesday off for a snow day…  

At some point, we're going to have to get back to having full weeks of class, but we certainly saw plenty of people taking advantage of the extra break.  

Given the sporadic week we're having and the number of people who enjoyed seeing photos of a snow-covered campus on social media, we thought it would be a good idea to use this week's Mailbag to show off our winter wonderland a little bit more.

Students building snowmen
Students building snowmen in front of the Administration Building.

These photos from university photographer Justin Rex show how our students spent their day away from class.

Snowball fights and building projects seemed to be the order of the day.

Justin wasn't the only photographer braving the elements to get some cool shots. University photographer Ashley Rodgers braved the afternoon blizzard to catch Raider Red, Centennial Champion and the Masked Rider out enjoying the cold.

If you're wondering what Texas Tech looks like from the air on a snow day, university videographer Jeff Ramazani got some awesome drone footage.

Evermore Snowman
Laken's snowman

This final photo isn't from campus, but we thought it was fantastic and decided to include it here.

This comes from Salesforce administrator Laken Jacobs, who showed love to Evermore, the university magazine, with her snowperson build. Notice the classy eyes and stylish scarf.

Nice job Laken!


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