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What's New: Student Union Building, Revisited

Lewis Edwards

October 18, 2023

Highlighting new additions to the SUB.

New Bridge

One of the heavy-traffic areas on campus just received some major touch-ups. Wondering what they are? We've got you covered. 

The all-encompassing Student Union Building we all know and love on the campus of Texas Tech University. This place is ever changing to cater to the needs of current and prospective Red Raiders. 

One key renovation to the SUB is the first-floor beidge that will better connect the east side of the building. This bridge should improve traffic flow and navigation for students and student organization members. The new bridge is also more accessible and wheelchair friendly. Students will no longer have to walk outside the building and back in to access the food court or walk through the commons.

The game room in the basement level of the SUB also has seen some significant touch-ups with resurfaced pool and ping-pong tables. If you've ever been in the SUB, I'm sure you've heard the echoing of the ping-pong balls bouncing. Students love this area. 

Pool Table

The SUB may seem quite a bit brighter this fall with the addition of new LED lights which certainly help the space feel even more welcoming. A new fire alarm system is being installed to improve the structure's safety for faculty, students and staff. 

Renovations to the top two floors of the SUB have also resulted in substantial upgrades. Student Legal Services is being relocated to the second floor. All previous offices on the second floor have been relocated. There have also been notable changes to the lobby area outside the SUB administration offices which will be more student-centric. 

“We converted that lobby space into more student collaboration space,” said Senior Associate Managing Director Jon Mark Bernal. “We provided white-boards, more tables, study areas and power to charge laptops and phones.” 


A major future addition that everyone around campus is buzzing about is Starbucks. There have been ongoing talks and negotiations to bring a free-standing Starbucks location to the SUB for quite some time. Renovations are in progress for the grand opening of the iconic coffee chain. This will be a full-service location.

“We partnered with the Student Government Association on what they wanted,” said Bernal. “We know students want to be able to use their points, the app and have more variety when choosing their coffees. We are going to be able to provide that with a full fledged Starbucks.” 

It will also feature seating areas for students to meet with friends for a cup of coffee or to study. 

Every SUB renovation was done to provide food vendors with more space, ensure better traffic flow and provide students with more opportunities and options. 

Second Floor

Whether you're looking for student events, planning on studying, getting your University ID or just grabbing a bite to eat, the SUB is the place to be. From the third-floor leisure and study areas to the basement game room, you'll never run out of things to explore in this campus hub for Red Raiders.


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