Texas Tech University

What's New: Episode 2

Lewis Edwards

August 30, 2023

Welcome to Raider Depot.

Raider Depot

Welcome back to What's New. 

Picture this: You're at the desk in your dorm, typing away. The final project you've been working on for class is due in less than an hour. You know you've crushed it, clearly an A. 

You wrap it up, give it one final look, and go to download it on the USB you need to take to class.

There's only one problem: you're out of space! 


Do you have time to get to your car and make it to Office Depot, Best Buy, Target or Walmart, and then back to the dorm to download it?

Raider Depot

The clock is ticking. 

“If only there was a place on campus,” you think to yourself. 

Don't worry. We've got you covered. 

In today's episode of What's New, Lewis Edwards is going to show you why Raider Depot, once thought of primarily for coffee breaks, is your one-stop shop for all your tech needs and all your Texas Tech University needs. 

From Dell and Apple products to printer cartridges, printers, thumb drives, hard drives and everything in between, the new in-store tech center is the place with the goods. Raider Depot is even bringing in exciting new gear for the gamers on campus later this fall. 

Mac Book

The renovated store in the Student Union Building allows more space for shopping for other needs as well. 

Need a new fit for game day? Swing on by. Need books for class? Raider Depot has what you need and a helpful staff in case you're not sure what you need. 

Drop by and check out the new-look campus store the next time you're in the SUB. 

And we're just getting started with What's New as well. 

Join Lewis each Wednesday throughout the semester to find out about the exciting updates happening around campus this fall. 

From new dining and shopping to new classrooms and labs, Texas Tech is always investing in the latest and greatest to make this campus the best in the country, and we're happy to get to share it all with you. 


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