Texas Tech University

What's New at TTU

Lewis Edwards

August 23, 2023

You might notice some changes happening around the Texas Tech University campus when you arrive for the fall semester.

These changes include renovations to facilities, buildings, new and improved dining options, and more. Here are some things you may notice this fall.                

  • Sam's Place West

    • Sam's Place West will continue to feature grab-and-go options, while also adding a Boar's Head Deli.
  • Wall/Gates Hall

    • Fresh plate is coming to Wall/Gates Hall along with a two-week rotating menu. This dining hall guarantees to push your swipes the extra mile. Available items include handcrafted burgers, pizza, and international cuisine.
  • Student Union Building (SUB)

    • There is a bridge being built in the SUB to improve traffic flow and better connect the east side of the building. Music majors will notice this change as they will not have to walk in and out of the building to go to and from the food court.
    • There will be new LED lights across the entire building.
    • Boar's Head will be featuring a new grab-and-go station that will be accessible through the Transact Mobile Ordering app on your smartphone. This will be a convenient way to order and grab your food in between classes or activities.
  • 23 at Sneed

    • 23 at Sneed will have a complete renovation including panel ceilings and vinyl wrap this semester. Sneed Hall will feature a weekly rotating line with homestyle cooking. Grilled items, salads, sandwiches and international cuisine will be on the menu. 23 at Sneed has also been expanded to include seating. The laundry and restrooms have been relocated. This area will serve both the Bledsoe and Sneed areas of campus.
  • Burkhart Café

    • Burkhart Center for Autism Education & Research will feature a new menu this fall, including Boar's Head products and desserts such as brownies and cookies. The café will also sell personal-sized pizzas in boxes for your convenience, including a buffalo pizza with cauliflower crust.
  • Raider Depot

    • Raider Depot will have a new look this fall as it finishes the transition to a Follet store. It will feature Dell, Apple and Alienware products. There will also be an IT support hub in the back of the store where the coffee shop had been located.
    • Renovations will provide a more open and organized area for shopping.
  • College of Media & Communication

    • College of Media & Communication class lab 167 for eSports has been renovated and will feature new LED lighting, HVAC modifications, and new furniture. Students will also now have enhanced audio and video packages thanks to electrical and data updates that will improve their experience.
  • Electrical & Computer Engineering

    • Raider Room 101 in the Electrical & Computer Engineering building will feature updated seating and finishes. Perhaps most notably the classroom features lighting that portrays electrical current similar to human brain function.
    • The renovations to the Evelyn M. Knox Davies Undergraduate Teaching Lab include new benches and configuration, lighting and a robotic track in the room that will allow students to test robotic vehicles with video documentation.
  • Chemistry building

    • Chemistry class lab 221 will have new flooring, finishes, and lab benches. The renovated 1,000 square-foot lab will also include new, more efficient fume hoods and snorkels that will provide a better overall experience for students and instructors.
  • Bledsoe Hall

    • Bledsoe Hall will reopen after a year-long closure for renovations. The residence hall has added new furniture in each room and throughout the building. The hall will also feature improved student spaces for studying and leisure. Students will even be able to connect their gaming consoles to the TV screen in the lounge.