Texas Tech University

What's New: Electrical Engineering

Lewis Edwards

October 4, 2023

Classroom Renovations

Texas Tech University's campus has seen a number of renovations and changes over this past year, so much so that it could be difficult to keep up with. 

We're here to keep you updated on these new additions to your beloved University's grounds.

On this episode of What's New, we're featuring a classroom and a lab from the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering

We'll start with a classroom like no other with Electrical Engineering Raider Room 101. This classroom has had major renovations including a complete demolition, new seating, finishes, and my favorite part, the lighting. 

The lighting in this room portrays an electrical current similar to human brain function, this classroom definitely stands out. 

Classroom Renovations

"The ceiling symbolizes a connection between the electrical signals within our brains and the exchange of knowledge," said Project Manager Jesus Martinez. 

Having a major part in this classroom coming to life, Martinez was able to provide some insight as to the inspiration behind the design. 

"I sought a pragmatic approach to symbolize the transfer of knowledge from educators to students while simultaneously embodying the spirit of the Electrical Engineering school." 

Martinez says he hopes that students and faculty are “Filled with a sense of inspiration and excitement, a surge of motivation to learn, teach and innovate.” While in the classroom. 

These renovations will have a lasting impact on Red Raiders present and future, in fact, the impact has already begun. 

Classroom Renovations

Martinez's daughter is a Texas Tech student and happened to have a class in the very room her father designed, Raider Room 101 (EE101). 

She sent some photos to her father accompanied by a text that read, "I think I'm having class in the room that you designed." She described feeling engaged and a part of something more important while being in the classroom. 

"It was heartwarming to hear how this design made her feel significant and valued in her learning environment and how, with our designs, we can provide an impact in our student community," said Martinez. 

The second classroom we will be discussing is the Evelyn M. Knox Davies Lab class lab 007, also in the Electrical Engineering building. Red Raider alumna Evelyn Davies has a strong connection and philanthropic history with Texas Tech.

Classroom Renovations

This lab used to be a dated robotics lab and now has undergone a complete renovation with changes to seating, lighting and finishes. The lab also now features a robotic track that will allow students to demonstrate their robotic vehicles and cameras to record.

"Before the renovations, I think the last time the room was touched was in the 1980s," said Design Specialist Maegan Scott. "The space is a lot more open now and way brighter."

This lab's modern design, equipped with all the bells and whistles, is sure to give students an improved experience to continue their learning journey.