Texas Tech University

What They're Saying

Glenys Young

June 30, 2023

We’re bragging about our awards, sure – but so are the judges.

If you've been following along for the last few weeks, you probably already know Texas Tech University's Office of Communications & Marketing has been absolutely cleaning up in awards this season.

Our magazine Evermore was one of three winners in the global PRINT Award editorial category. Then it received a Bronze Anvil, marking it as the best public relations magazine in the country.

And now, our team has racked up eight more honors in the international CASE Circle of Excellence awards.

Obviously, we in the Office of Communications & Marketing are pretty proud of our accomplishments, and we're more than happy to toot our own horn. But we also wanted to take a minute to share with you what the judges of these competitions are saying about our work. 

CASE Awards

The CASE Awards are presented with one comment per entry from the team of judges. Here's what they pointed out about each of our recognitions:

Evermore No. 2
Promotional Publications
“What a joy to flip through! The Evermore Issue 2 is a standout from this category: stunning photography, strong typography, playful layouts and creative text wrapping make this a top award. Illustrations, textures and bold imagery all add up to a fantastic effort. Well done!”

Design - Periodicals and Magazines
“The beautiful visuals captured the judges' attention immediately, and the Columbia package is incredibly well done. Evermore is solid and top-notch. It is a beautiful work of art that truly commemorates the space mission in a unique and creative way. The layouts and compositions were very distinctive, making this submission stand out.”

Evermore No. 3
Promotional Publications
“A story that continues from Evermore Issue 2, Evermore Issue 3 is an amazing publication that keeps the reader flipping to see more. Strong photography, dynamic illustrations, and an effective callback to nostalgic layout and design, this publication evoked a mood throughout each carefully designed page.”

Remembering Columbia
Design - Illustrations
“‘Remembering Columbia' stood out in the world of illustration. The collection of illustrations is stunning, with a style that is both sharp and stylized, capturing the imagination with its interesting angles and masterful use of light. The judges were impressed with how impactful and emotionally charged the illustrations were. The thoughtful approach of using uplifting images at the beginning and end further added to the emotional resonance of the work.”

Magazines - Alumni/General Interest (Printed Twice a Year)
“Evermore showcases an exceptional work of art and design with cool covers that are both exquisite and cleverly laid out. The sideways story layout is a unique and creative way to present feature writing and captures the reader's attention from the start. The engaging feature articles are complemented by vibrant photography and illustration, resulting in a visually stunning and immersive experience.”

A Fandom Turned Full Circle 
Writing - Profile (Less than 1,000 Words)
“It's always exciting when a story comes along that captures people's attention, and ‘A Fandom Turned Full Circle' definitely did that. Judges were impressed by the story's uniqueness and the thorough reporting despite its length. The story itself was captivating and showed that sometimes, all it takes is a little bit of luck to create something truly special. Kudos to Texas Tech for seizing the moment and using it to generate even more press for themselves.”

Feels Like Home
Writing - Profile (1,000+ Words)
“‘Feels Like Home' was a fascinating read. Judges found the topic to be interesting, with good subject matter and nice writing. The author's use of great details and quotes made the piece engaging and judges felt that they had learned a lot. Overall, this nomination was a hit with the judges, who found it to be a great example of engaging and informative writing.”

Remembering Columbia: 20th Anniversary Commemoration
Design - Specialty Pieces
“A very tight, restrained design that is conceptually quite good for a unique memorial-themed tribute event and is evocative of the era of adventure and space exploration. The illustration style with metallic silver and white colors is very reminiscent of space and the tone of the concept ties in with the tone of commemoration—a visually appealing and appropriate illustration style.”


Anvil Awards

For the Anvil Awards, each of the judges included their own comments. Here's a sampling of what they had to say:

“Beautiful magazine. It is evident that planning and effort are put forth to appeal visually and with excellent story selection and a real spotlight on the community. Great photography (such striking photos!), and I love the use of illustrations. Very well done, congratulations to the staff.”

“This is NOT your typical alumni magazine - and I LOVE it. The continuity between issues is clever, the photography stunning, the storytelling dynamic. Bravo!! It was evident that much thought was put into the purpose and philosophy of the magazine.”

“A beautiful publication that exhibits excellence in concepting carried out by strong writing, design and photography. It clearly supports Texas Tech's overall fundraising goals.”

“This is a beautiful publication. It certainly shows excellent creativity.”

“This magazine and its editorial campaign created clear goals which fed into achievable deliverables, which excelled in meeting and defying expectations. These are excellent publications.”