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Larry Berman New Keynote Speaker for Vietnam War Conference Banquet

Allen Ramsey

March 1, 2023

Berman, a world-renowned scholar of the Vietnam War, replaces Jan Scruggs.

WHAT:  New keynote speaker announced for Vietnam War Conference banquet.

WHEN:  6 p.m. Friday (March 3)

WHERE:  International Cultural Center Hall of Nations, 601 Indiana Ave

EVENT:  Larry Berman will be the keynote speaker at a banquet Friday (March 3) as part of a conference titled “1973: The Paris Peace Accords and the Allied Withdrawal from South Vietnam,” which begins March 2 and runs through March 4.

Berman is professor emeritus in political science at the University of California, Davis, and served as the founding dean of the Honors College at Georgia State University. He is a world renowned scholar of the Vietnam War and author of “No Peace, No Honor: Nixon, Kissinger, and Betrayal in Vietnam” as well as “Planning a Tragedy: The Americanization of the War in Vietnam”; “Lyndon Johnson' s War: The Road to Stalemate in Vietnam”; “Perfect Spy: The Incredible Double Life of Pham Xuan An, Time Magazine Reporter and Vietnamese Communist Agent”; and “Zumwalt: The Life and Times of Admiral Elmo Russell "Bud" Zumwalt, Jr.” among numerous other scholarly contributions. 

Berman replaces Jan Scruggs as keynote speaker for the banquet. All other details of the conference remain the same. 


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