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CANCELED: Texas Tech Biologist Will Offer Elementary Students a Look at Antarctica

Doug Hensley

January 23, 2023

Natasja van Gestel will answer questions about ongoing scientific research during a Zoom session with local classrooms.

Natasja van Gestel
Natasja van Gestel


Texas Tech University biologist Natasja van Gestel will host a Zoom question-and-answer session with local elementary students from her research site in Antarctica.

WHEN:  11:30 a.m. Tuesday (Jan. 24)

WHERE:  Roscoe Wilson Elementary School, 2807 25th St.

EVENT:  Van Gestel will discuss her research as part of the scientific community in Antarctica and answer questions from elementary students. For more information on Dr. van Gestel and her work in Antarctica, visit her blog.

CONTACT:  Allison Hirth
Senior Director of Media and Public Affairs,
Office of Communications and Marketing, Texas Tech University
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