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2022's Best Cities for Self-Sustaining Homes

September 28, 2022

LAWN LOVE - A self-sustaining home can help you save money, become self-reliant, and live in harmony with nature. But which of the biggest U.S. cities are ideal for building your own eco-conscious home?

Creating a self-sustaining home can be an intimidating endeavor. Not everyone can commit to living off-grid in a house made entirely out of recycled materials, but there are still ways for everyone to make their home more self-sufficient. 

Lawn Love turned to some experts to learn more about the benefits and challenges of living self-sustainably. 


Ask the Expert

Peter Raab – Associate Professor, College of Architecture, Texas Tech University

  • What are three common challenges that come with creating a self-sustaining home?
  • What are three benefits of owning a self-sustaining home?
  • How can the average homeowner make their existing property more self-sustainable?
  • Where can aspiring self-sustaining homeowners find inspiration for their home design?

See Raab's responses here.