Texas Tech University

Increased Noise Levels Expected During Central Heating and Cooling Plant Boiler Testing

Katelynn Horton

June 10, 2022

Boiler testing will take place on June 13.

WHAT:  Texas Tech University's Central Heating & Cooling Plant (CHACP1) boiler blowdown testing. 

WHEN:  Beginning 8 a.m. Monday (June 13) and continuing throughout the day.

WHERE:  CHACP1, 3224 Main St.

EVENT:  During testing, CHACP1 will perform periodic controlled releases of steam, resulting in elevated noise levels at and around the utility plant. While a noise silencer will be in place, noise levels may be increased during these tests, and areas around the plant will be restricted. All roads and parking lots around the facility will remain open.

This information is being shared in coordination with the Operations Division and the Section of Utilities. 


CONTACT:  Chris Miles
Director of Emergency Management, Texas Tech University 
(806) 834-8448