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Texas Tech Free Market Faculty Member Receives Distinguished Scholar Award

Paul Tubbs

April 29, 2022

The Association of Private Enterprise honors Andrew T. Young for sustained contributions.

The Association of Private Enterprise honors Andrew T. Young for sustained contributions.

Helping people understand and apply private enterprise principles through innovation, productivity, and communication is at the core of what the Association of Private Enterprise (APEE) strives to accomplish. Earlier this month, Texas Tech University's Andrew T. Young was honored for a career of demonstrating those ideals by receiving the Distinguished Scholar Award during the 46th meeting of APEE in Las Vegas, Nevada. Young, a Research Fellow and director of graduate students at the Free Market Institute (FMI) also serves as professor of economics in the Jerry S. Rawls College of Business Administration.   

“Having been an active part of the APEE community for more than two decades, I am honored and humbled to have received APEE's 2022 Distinguished Scholar Award,” Young said.   

Benjamin Powell is the Secretary/Treasurer for APEE and a colleague of Young at the FMI.  

"Professor Young was chosen in recognition of the groundbreaking work he has done in the areas of economic development, macroeconomics and constitutional political economy that have been published in top field journals and cited nearly 3,000 times,” Powell said. 

Young is the co-editor of “Contemporary Economic Policy” and an associate editor of “Southern Economic Journal.”  He is the author of more than 70 articles and book titles, and has teaching experience at West Virginia University, the University of Mississippi, and Emory University prior to his arrival at Texas Tech.  

Young's research focuses on constitutional political economy, institutional economics, and economic development. Young's current focus is on the political economy of late antiquity and medieval Europe.  

“It feels wonderful to have my past scholarly contributions recognized by APEE,” Young said. “It also motivates me to keep doing what I love – research into political economy and, most particularly, the economics of constitutions.”  

Powell states Young's depth of knowledge and expertise are a true benefit to The Rawls College of Business and the FMI.    

“It is great to have the scholarly accomplishments of an FMI professor recognized by the largest association of scholars in the U.S. who studies the free enterprise system," Powell said.  

The Distinguished Scholar Award is presented each year to a member of the APEE who, over time, has made substantial contributions to the research and literature of free market economics as thinkers and communicators.   

"For nearly a half century, APEE has represented a growing network of classically liberal scholars and educators,” Young said. “These individuals are dedicated to studying the benefits of limited government and private enterprise, and to help others understand and apply what they have learned.”   

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