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Faculty Awarded Fulbright, Students Awarded Gilman Scholarships for 2023

Paul Tubb

June 15, 2023

Both students and faculty look to expand their knowledge and international experience.

Some bags are packed, and others are already overseas with students and faculty on the receiving end of prestigious scholarships from The U.S. Department of State

This spring, nine Federal Pell Grant recipients received news through the Study Abroad program in Texas Tech University's International Affairs (IA) they would be part of the 2023 cohort for the Benjamin A. Gilman International Scholarship. 

“We are so grateful that nine Red Raiders were selected this year,” said Director of Study Abroad Whitney Longnecker. “The scholarship makes a remarkable individual impact for each student selected as we know some would not be able to study abroad without receiving these funds.”

Benjamin A. Gilman International Scholarship

This grant allows students who may not have the financial resources to enjoy the study abroad experience. Close to 1,500 undergraduate students from 536 U.S. colleges were chosen for this scholarship. Pell Grant recipients can receive up to $5,000 to study abroad with the Gilman International Scholarship.

“The diversity of fields of study in this group exemplifies the wonderful internationalization efforts of the Study Abroad office and partners across the university,” said Director of Prestigious External Students AwardsWendoli Flores. “More and more of our students are being encouraged to take advantage of study abroad and the transformational opportunities it provides.”

Upon returning from their study abroad experience, students will be charged with sharing their experiential knowledge. The students complete a follow-up service project that allows them to share their experience and help to inspire their peers to pursue an opportunity to study abroad.

“I know these students will be forever changed by their study abroad experience,” Longnecker said. “I hope this experience will jump-start their international engagement.”

At the same time, six individuals were selected to receive Fulbright U.S. Scholar fellowships.

Fulbright Scholarship

“This diverse group of Fulbrighters across disciplines and professional backgrounds clearly represents Texas Tech excellence in learning, research, creative work, engaged scholarship and leadership,” said Vice Provost for International Affairs Elizabeth Trejos-Castillo. “We are proud of the caliber of our faculty and staff/administrators and the global impact of their work as they are recognized with these prestigious awards.”

The Fulbright Program was the idea of late U.S. Sen. James William Fulbright to create a global educational exchange among teachers, students, professors and research scholars. Since its inception, the Fulbright program has seen over 150 countries participate in the U.S.-created initiative that has impacted more than 400,000 people globally. Texas Tech has been part of the Fulbright program since 1957 with approximately 180 faculty and over 60 students participating.

“The commitment and passion of our Texas Tech students, faculty and staff to have a strong and meaningful global presence directly aligns with Fulbright's mission of building mutual understanding between nations, advancing knowledge across communities, and improving lives around the world,” Trejos-Castillo said.

Here is list of the Gilman and Fulbright recipients and their destinations for 2023-24.

Texas Tech 2023-24 Fulbright Scholar Award Recipients and Host Country

  • Costica Bradatan, Romania
  • Erik Bucy, United Kingdom
  • Dorothy Chansky, Poland
  • Benaissa Chidmi, Morocco
  • Yvonne Racz Key, Hungary
  • Reagan Ribordy, France

International Education Administration Program Texas Tech 2023 Benjamin A. Gilman International Scholarship Award Recipients and Host Country

  • Rolando Gallegos, Costa Rica
  • Guadalupe Mendoza, Spain
  • Ivy Norman, Costa Rica
  • Ashley Isibor, Italy
  • Jazmine Brito, Italy
  • Tracey Sapien, Italy
  • Brooke Tillman, New Zealand
  • Chloe Hamilton, Italy
  • Alaysia Richardson, Italy