Texas Tech University

Texas Tech Professor Receives INDA Lifetime Achievement Award

Jenna McAlister

May 19, 2023

Seshadri Ramkumar

Seshadri Ramkumar was honored for his work by the Association of Nonwoven Fabrics Industry.

Texas Tech University's Seshadri Ramkumar, a professor in the field of fiber science and nonwovens in the Department of Environmental Toxicology, has been honored with the prestigious Lifetime Technical Achievement Award from the Association of the Nonwoven Fabrics Industry (INDA). The accolade will be presented in July by INDA, a prominent organization comprising major industry players such as Proctor and Gamble, Kimberly Clark, DuPont and Johnson & Johnson.

The list of previous award recipients includes innovators who have revolutionized everyday life with their products, such as Stayfree and Carefree, an innovative polymer that goes into diapers and feminine care products. Typically, industry fellows with a remarkable number of patents are given this honor.

Within the advanced textiles field, the INDA Lifetime Technical Achievement Award is consider similar to a hall of fame induction. In the history of the award, only four university professors have previously been recognized. In each case those recognized were distinguished and chair. Ramkumar stands as the sole recipient from Texas Tech, marking a significant milestone for the university.

With more than 25 years of experience in the technical textiles field, Ramkumar has made significant contributions through pioneering nonwoven research and education at Texas Tech. In 1999, he established the university's nonwovens laboratory, where he has mentored and guided numerous students who have gone on to become leaders in their respective organizations and the nonwovens industry.

Ramkumar's innovative work has resulted in three patents and invention disclosures, including the development of Fibertect toxic chemical decontamination wipes. These wipes have garnered recognition from the American Chemical Society. They have also been endorsed by the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory and adopted by multiple government entities.

Ramkumar has an extensive body of work comprising peer-reviewed publications, patents, inventions disclosures, articles and columns, totaling more than 500 pieces. One of his notable contributions is a publication on nanofibers, which has been cited more than 2,100 times. He also has served on the editorial boards of several esteemed fiber, nonwoven and textile journals. Additionally, he has promoted the technical training offerings of INDA for more than 15 years, emphasizing the importance of continuous learning and professional development.