Texas Tech University

Mailbag: So Much Room for Activities

Allen Ramsey

April 7, 2023


The weather is getting better and the calendar is filling up.

Welcome back to the Mailbag.

What a week we have ahead of us at Texas Tech University.

Today is Good Friday and we're heading straight into Easter.

As a child I always wondered why I never saw a rabbit laying eggs. And if I'm honest, I'm still not completely sure they do. But hey, Easter is an awesome time to practice your tracking skills, find some good hiding spots and eat the ever-delicious candy, so no complaints here.

While today is Good Friday my eyes have already drifted to a couple events next Friday, which is shaping up to be a pretty good Friday in its own right.

We can't speak for everyone, but the show “Shark Tank” is a pretty popular one here in the office. Not every idea is a winner, but watching pitches and seeing the crazy stuff people come up with is always a good time.

Why does that matter? Well, next Friday (April 14) we have our own “Shark Tank” event here on campus. The Innovation Hub at Research Park is hosting its Accelerator Competition, and you're all invited.

Things kick off over at the Hub at 9 a.m., and we've got some really interesting teams showing up this year. I think the company called “Soiled Myself” may be my favorite coming in, but there's 18 groups competing for $25,000 and a place in the program, so the stakes are high.

“Is that all we have going?” you ask.


All the way on the other side of campus the School of Law is hosting one of the coolest events of the year.

It's the 2023 Criminal Law Symposium titled “Russia, Ukraine, and the Challenge of Wartime Accountability.”

With experts showing up from the United States and abroad, if you're into learning about war, the law and how our world works, this will be the thing for you.

We'll get a bit more detail on the event out early next week, but this one requires registration, so pop on in here and sign up if you want to check it out.

I'll be honest, picking between those two is going to be a real challenge for me.

Luckily, the other event I really want to check out next week is Thursday.

Do you all remember the movie “Monuments Men”?

As it turns out, that program is back alive and well, but with a slightly different mission, and Texas Tech alumnus Col. Scott DeJesse is coming to back to speak at the Helen DeVitt Jones Auditorium over at the Museum of Texas Tech University.

Col. DeJesse is the senior Heritage & Preservation Officer (Monuments Officer) for the Department of Defense and will give a presentation exploring the legacy of the program and how it works today.

That happens at 6 p.m. Thursday (April 13), and I, for one, have already added it to my calendar. Don't worry, we'll send out some more information on this one next week as well.

Happy Easter everybody! Go enjoy the holiday weekend and get ready for the busy week ahead.