Texas Tech University

Communication and Community: Keywords for New Vet School Professor

Weston Brooks

April 13, 2023

Elpida Artemiou

Elpida Artemiou will educate veterinary and graduate students on these two ideal skills.

Elpida Artemiou brings her passion and expertise in clinical communication to Texas Tech University's School of Veterinary Medicine in Amarillo as a professor of veterinary communications. 

“I am humbled, honored, and super thrilled to join Texas Tech and meet all students and colleagues and, of course, the Masked Rider,” Artemiou said. 

Artemiou will help grow the School of Veterinary Medicine's veterinary clinical communication program into a center of excellence. 

“Learning with passion and compassion are key attributes in engaging our students in experiential, student-centered, evidenced-based approaches that will meet required competencies and community needs,” she said. “I also am passionate about human-animal interactions and improving quality of life for both animals and humans.”

Artemiou emphasizes active teaching and will have students develop communication skills by working with actors to simulate client interactions.

She also plans to develop and implement outcome assessments to evaluate students' communication competence so they can progressively better their skills. 

“From the get-go, we were told by the veterinary profession to make sure we graduated veterinarians who can communicate with clients,” said Guy Loneragan, dean of the School of Veterinary Medicine. “Elpida brings so much expertise in developing communication skills. She has a great team here at the school with which to work, and she will build on the solid foundation that our faculty has established. Our communication program will be second to none, and it will serve as a center of excellence benefiting our students and the state of Texas.”

Artemiou is equally excited to engage graduate students in clinical communication and veterinary education by extending Texas Tech's outreach to the local community. 

“I deeply care and value community service and giving back is close to my heart,” she said. “Joining the School of Veterinary Medicine offers an incredible opportunity to support both the people and animals of Amarillo, the Panhandle, Texas and beyond.” 

Artemiou earned her Bachelor of Science (1995) and Master of Science (1998) degrees from McGill University in Montreal, Quebec. She received her doctorate in medical education with an emphasis on clinical communication from the Università Ambrosiana in Italy 16 years later. 

Prior to Texas Tech, Artemiou was the director of research and innovation in veterinary medical education and an associate professor of clinical communication at Ross University School of Veterinary Medicine in St. Kitts, West Indies. 

“Artemiou brings vast experience and a worldwide reputation in teaching veterinary communication and professionalism,” said John Dascanio, senior associate dean for academic and student affairs. “She has conducted research, spoken at international conferences, and published in this area. She will elevate our graduates and our research program to new heights, all the while bringing a beautiful style of her own to supplement our community. I am extremely pleased she has joined our school and look forward to her many contributions.”