Texas Tech University

7 Characteristics of Students Who Succeed

Lucy Greenberg

January 17, 2023

Academic advisers at Texas Tech point out the shared characteristics of their highest-achieving students.

If you're wanting to up your academic game this semester, look no further. 

At Texas Tech University, our students are as unique as they are accomplished. There are plenty of traits that make each special in their own way, but when it comes to doing well academically, our academic advisers on campus have noticed a few things successful students have in common.  

So, buckle in and take notes of this great, free advising session!

  • Adaptable
    The changing landscape of a fast-paced culture and technological development means students often need to change directions. This also is something they'll need to do in their professional career, so it's good to practice while in college.

  • Connected
    Students who get plugged into the community and student organizations are more invested in their college experience. The relationships they build complement their classroom experience with hands-on experiences. It brings what they learn to life, and they have stronger support networks. 

  • Organized
    Time management is key to the college experience. Keeping schedules, assignments, due dates and personal duties organized helps students use their time wisely and manage responsibilities. Students should experience the classroom, studying, time with friends, entertainment, working and getting enough sleep. Advisers say students can have all these experiences, but it requires a plan. The most successful students are often the busiest ones because they must manage their time well.

  • Proactive
    The best students are proactive in pursuing their goals. Which first means that they've defined their goals. Once they do that, they look for scholarships, internships and jobs. They network and build professional relationships with their professors. They recognize the benefit that can come from unexpected connections. But more than anything, they don't sit around and wait for opportunities to come knocking. They go out and make them happen. 

  • Takes Ownership
    Taking ownership of your role as a student is key to success and achieving academic and career goals. When students respond to setbacks by blaming others, they're less likely to excel. The reality is, everyone faces obstacles, but students who focus on others' failures rather than their own ability to problem solve have a harder time.  

  • Curious
    In academics, being curious is one of the best personality traits one can have. Students who are curious build better relationships, excel academically and adapt when stressors arise. They also find value in diversity of the ideas, communities and environments that surround them. They want to know the “why” within every situation. Their curiosity gives them the energy to work harder in class, push deeper for answers and identify new and creative approaches.

  • Takes risks
    Successful students understand growth is only possible when they're willing to step outside their comfort zones. In their minds, “failure” provides a vital opportunity for further learning and development along the path to success. They're not content with “good enough.” These students chase excellence and actively search for innovative ways to transform their world through their scholarship and day-to-day lives. They understand that three-dimensional problems cannot be solved by two-dimensional thinking. 

Texas Tech offers plenty of free resources to help you crush your academic goals! Check out this list of services on campus for more information. 

  • The Learning Center provides students with all they need to obtain success. Students can find peer tutors here who are not only knowledgeable but have been where they are now.

  • Raider Ready is a program that offers courses on transitioning into college and out of college into the real world. Students say the course helps them manage stress and learn the dos and donts of college life.

  • The Writing Centers of Texas Tech assists students when it comes to all things writing, which let's be honest, is a huge part of college. From learning the difference between MLA and APA styles to honing-in sentence structure and writing a thesis statement, this is a resource that will make your life easier!

  • Risk Intervention & Safety Education (RISE) is an amazing organization on campus. They've got you covered when it comes to mental wellness, individual and group counseling, free STI testing and even yoga in the park. Your college experience is much more than just academics and we know happy and healthy students make for successful students!