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Now What? (Evermore Edition)

Bri Lopez

December 8, 2022

Evermore Edition.

Bri Lopez
Bri Lopez

Texas Tech student and intern, Bri Lopez, again answers the question, "Now What?" 

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“Strive for honor evermore.” Sound familiar? I hope so, but do you know what it means? At Texas Tech, we strive for honor evermore. Whether we are students or faculty, we always put our best foot forward as we attempt to achieve our goals. It's not a one-time accomplishment; it's a continuous effort to advance and improve. 

Striving for honor doesn't stop when you graduate. Even though we go our separate ways after graduation, as Texas Tech alumni, we carry this motto with us because, at the end of the day, we are still a part of the Red Raider family. 

Evermore, Texas Tech's magazine, aims to showcase just that by celebrating the successes of our incredible family. Through this publication, we see snapshots of our beloved Texas Tech, highlighting a sampling of our 13 colleges, 40,000-plus students, 275,000 living alumni and thousands of dedicated faculty and staff members.

The third and most recent edition of Evermore centers around the space shuttle Columbia. It remembers two members of the Texas Tech community who so embodied the Red Raider spirit that they dedicated their lives to serving our country while reaching beyond the limits of our world. It also honors those back on the ground, their family members and friends, who have poured out their hearts, time and energy over the past 20 years to honor that sacrifice. 

If the stories in the magazine aren't compelling enough, the visuals and graphics take it to another level, making this edition a must-read. 

“Strive for honor evermore” – always

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