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2022's Best Places to Shop on Black Friday

Adam McCann

November 16, 2022

WALLET HUB - Black Friday shopping is one of America’s most treasured holiday traditions, but there’s always a bit of hassle involved.

Black Friday sales have also been changing during the past few years. They are starting earlier, weeks ahead of the actual shopping holiday at some stores. That's good news for consumers who want to stretch out their purchases over a longer period of time rather than buying everything in one day

Ask the Expert

Robert Paul Jones Ph.D. – Department Chair, Associate Professor; Regional Editor (Americas), International Journal of Retail and Distribution Management, Hospitality and Retail Management, College of Human Sciences – Texas Tech University

  • How can consumers distinguish between real Black Friday deals and marketing traps?
  • How can consumers protect themselves from overspending on Black Friday?
  • Which day do you believe people get the best deals: Black Friday, Cyber Monday, or another day? Why?

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