Texas Tech University

Haunted Halls

Disha Ganjegunte

October 31, 2022

Groups lead a haunted tour of Texas Tech University.

The sky was ablaze with red smoke; the dark atmosphere and nervous-excited energy created the perfect environment for a Haunted Tour of Texas Tech University. Put together by the Raider Power of Paranormal (RPoP) and the Military & Veterans Programs, the tour not only provided spooky entertainment but also educated community members about the history of the university. 

Haunted Halls

Tali Russell, president of RPoP, said the tour originated in August 2020 during Welcome Week celebrations. The tour has since culminated with additional myths and stories revolving around the founders and buildings of the university. 

One such story surrounds the intricate labyrinth of tunnels and pipes which lie beneath the campus. Legend says there was a student early in Tech's history who would use those tunnels to sneak around campus after dark. During one of his nightly adventures, the door locked behind him, trapping him in the tunnels for the rest of his life. No body was ever recovered and with renovations, students no longer have access to the underground tunnels. But if you stand over the drain vents around campus you might faintly hear his screams. 

Another story revolved around Drane Hall, which currently holds several offices and the tutoring center. Back in the 1970s, however, the building served as the original medical school for Texas Tech. With the lack of elevators and modern technology, teaching cadavers were often stored in the cellar and transported within the building. It is said that the haunting smell of formaldehyde still circulates through the air of Drane Hall. 

The first law of thermodynamics tells us that energy cannot be created or destroyed. That leads us to question, where does that energy go? Both Russell and Garret D. Langlois, adviser for RPoP, believe some of that energy haunts the halls of Texas Tech. So, if you are ever walking alone on campus, take comfort in the thought that you may not be as alone as you think.

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