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Eight Startups Awarded $100,000 from the Texas Tech and TTUHSC Presidents

Kathryn Dankesreiter

September 26, 2022

Innovation Hub

The Presidents’ Innovative Startup Awards recognize early-stage companies that are exemplifying innovation and commercialization.

The Innovation Hub at Research Park today (September 26, 2022) announced the winners of its annual Presidents' Innovative Startup Awards. The awards recognize startups that have a high potential for growth and an economic impact in West Texas.

The presidents of Texas Tech University and the Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center foster these companies through the awards by giving early-stage startups the opportunity to rent space and purchase equipment.

The presidents of both Texas Tech and TTUHSC awarded eight startups a total of $100,000, with each president awarding a total of $50,000 to four companies. The 2022 Presidents' Innovative Startup Awardees and their startups are:

Texas Tech University President's Awards  

3 CulinaryMed Docs | $25,000 award

3 CulinaryMed Docs provides equal access to on-demand nutrition education and culinary medicine as a partner who empowers their users to self-manage their chronic health condition nutritionally and improve their quality of life. 

Texas Tech Faculty & Founders: Dr. Allison Childress, Dr. Michelle Alcorn, and Dr. Shannon Galyean

VerisBiomarkers (formerly Revelo Biotechnologies) | $10,000 award

VerisBiomarkers is developing a device and method for accurate determination of the time of ovulatory cycle in females and assess fertility status in males. Based on a vertical flow assay (VFA) technology, this product is a collaborative project between Texas Tech and TTUHSC-Amarillo.

Founders: Harvinder Gill, faculty at Texas Tech, and Dr. Stephen Usala, faculty at TTUHSC.

BlueVerse, Inc. | $10,000 award

BlueVerse is a company that connects consumers (Members) and businesses (Partners) through an exclusive network (The Club).

Founders: Mason Still, Alec Hernandez, Drew Pickens and Taylor Brewster, all Texas Tech undergraduate students.  

Campus Live Media, LLC | $5,000 award

Campus Live is a startup social media news platform with the goal of informing Red Raider Nation of the fun and exciting things happening at Texas Tech and within the Lubbock community.

Founder: Marcus Pauda, Texas Tech alum.  

TTUHSC President's Awards  

NeoPurpose Therapeutics | $25,000 award

A biotech startup focused on the development of novel anti-cancer therapies as well as platform technology for anti-cancer drug discovery screening and testing.

Founding members include TTUHSC faculty Dr. Sanjay K. Srivastava and TTUHSC graduate student Shreyas Gaikwad  

Better Bleeding Control | $15,000 award

Better Bleeding Control is developing a realistic, wearable training device that provides real-time, performative feedback on bleeding control techniques that can reduce the cost of hemorrhage control training, better training results in better outcomes.

Founding members include TTUHSC faculty Dr. Brittany Bankhead and TTUHSC medical student Julie Chugh  

Cardio Intelligent Systems, LLC | $5,000 award

Cardio Intelligent Systems is a TTU-TTUHSC partnership that develops software applications to predict the postoperative risk and treatment outcomes of cardiac surgeries for heart failure patients.

Founders: TTUHSC faculty Dr. Nandini Nair and Texas Tech faculty Dongping Du  

Advanced Codex Solutions, LLC | $5,000 award

A non-invasive, low cost, and mobile diagnostic tool for the early detection of both melanoma and skin ulcers.

Founders: TTUHSC faculty Courtney Queen, George Zouridakis and Tarun Wadhawan    



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