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Texas Tech's School of Financial Planning Collaborates with Holistiplan

Ashley Brister

March 10, 2022


Students will receive free access to premier tax planning tools

Texas Tech University's School of Financial Planning announced a collaboration with Holistiplan, which will allow students complimentary access to Holistiplan as part of their financial planning curriculum.

John Salter
John Salter

Holistiplan is an award-winning tax planning software for financial advisors, built to systematize and automate the process of reviewing a client's tax return to find potential planning opportunities. The collaboration provides students access to free tax planning tools that will better prepare them for careers in financial planning.

“My firm has been using Holistiplan, and I have seen what a powerful tool it can be,” said John Salter, associate director of the School of Financial Planning and a partner at Evensky & Katz/Foldes Wealth Management. “As an educator, I feel it's a huge value to get this tool in the hands of our financial planning students. They already have access to some of the best financial technologies in the country. Adding Holistiplan to their toolbox is a natural fit alongside those other great tools.”

Students will ultimately use Holistiplan in multiple courses, including the technology, tax and senior capstone courses. Students who become proficient in the software will also be able to list they are “Holistiplan Certified” on their resumes.

Chris Browning
Chris Browning

“We are thrilled to be working with the Texas Tech School of Financial Planning to provide a vital teaching tool to their students,” said Holistiplan co-founder Roger Pine. “Texas Tech's financial planning program is highly respected and regarded as one of the best in the country. Certified Financial Planner Board-registered programs such as theirs have licenses with best-in-class financial technology products like eMoney and MoneyGuidePro. When the opportunity arose to provide Holistiplan as an additional teaching tool for their students, we knew it would be a great match. We are honored to partner with their program and further our mission of helping advisors, and in this case future advisors, provide richer tax planning for more clients.”

Chris Browning, director of the School of Financial Planning, is excited about the opportunities the collaboration will offer students.

“A common saying in financial planning is that taxes touch everything,” Browning said. “Giving our students access to one of the top tax-planning software tools on the market will both improve the quality of their education and better equip them to professionally engage with clients to provide comprehensive financial planning services.”

About Holistiplan


Holistiplan is an award-winning tax planning software for advisors built to systematize and automate the process of reviewing a client's tax return to find potential planning opportunities. Holistiplan was created and designed by co-founders Roger Pine, CFA®, CFP®, and Kevin Lozer, CFP®, who designed the software to accomplish what have historically been two competing goals in the financial services profession: Make the financial planning process faster for advisors while making it better for every client. Their award-winning solution uses optical character recognition to read uploaded tax returns and generate client-ready reports that uncover potential financial planning opportunities through an algorithmic program. The financial professional can then run various scenarios to determine various future outcomes.

About Texas Tech's School of Financial Planning

Texas Tech's nationally renowned School of Financial Planning offers a bachelor's degree, minor, master's degree and doctoral degree in financial planning. The Personal Financial Planning major evolved from the Family Finance major and has been in place at Texas Tech for 35 years. Established by leaders with a vision of the need to educate the next generation of financial planners, the Personal Financial Planning major has become a highly marketable program that has met the standards for registration established by Certified Financial Planner Board of Standards Inc. (CFP Board). For more information about the Texas Tech School of Financial Planning, visit www.pfp.ttu.edu.