Texas Tech University

2022 Graduate Student Poster Competition Winners Announced

Elyssa Sanders

March 16, 2022

Graduate and post-doctoral students presented their research at Texas Tech’s 21st Annual Graduate Student Poster Competition.

Eighteen students in Texas Tech University's Graduate School were recognized as winners of the 21st Annual Graduate Student Poster Competition, during which graduate and post-doctoral students presented their research to general, non-specialized audiences while using posters as visual aids.

While the competition was held in-person at the Student Union Building, long-distance students had the opportunity to submit video presentations for consideration in the virtual category. Students were evaluated by a panel of judges from Texas Tech and the Lubbock community.

“Graduate students are essential to the research and innovation that takes place at research universities like Texas Tech,” said Mark Sheridan, dean of the Graduate School. “Our poster competition allows students to practice their presentation skills so they can tell others what they did and why it's important in a way that anybody can understand. It also showcases the amazing research our graduate students perform that has significant and lasting impacts on society.”

The 2022 winners are:

  • Biological Life Sciences
    • First Place: Hyunjung Lee
    • Second Place: Kaliu Scaranto Silva
    • Third Place: Shadi Nejat
  • Humanities & Fine Arts
    • First Place: Farzane Omidi
    • Second Place: Emma Willis-Grossmann
    • Tied for Third Place: Ginger Orton and Anthonia Prince
  • Math/Physical Sciences/Engineering
    • First Place: Celine Garcia
    • Second Place: Kamron Newberry
    • Third Place: Trey Johnson
  • Social Sciences
    • Tied for First Place: Mahedi Hasan and Pablo Hernandez Borges
    • Second Place: Mohammad Al Masud
    • Third Place: Jenna Gardner
  • Distance/Virtual
    • First Place: Thaddeus Mantaro
    • Tied for Second Place: Tran Le and Connad Higgins
    • Third Place: Ileana Moreno