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Texas Tech, Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center Presidents' Innovative Startup Award Funds 7 Startups $100,000

Kathryn Dankesreiter

February 7, 2022

Innovation Hub

The awards recognize innovative early-stage companies that need seed funding to get to the next level.

The Innovation Hub at Research Park today (Feb. 7) announced the winners of its annual Presidents' Innovative Startup Awards, through which the presidents of Texas Tech University and Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center (TTUHSC) recognize startups that exemplify innovation and commercialization.

The awards give early-stage startups space and critical access to equipment to become revenue-generating companies. Texas Tech awarded four startups a total of $55,000. TTUHSC awarded three startups a total of $45,000.

The 2022 Presidents' Innovative Startup Awardees are:

Texas Tech University President's Awards

  • EmGenisys Inc: The company was founded with a common commitment to improving the standard of livestock production. Its flagship product is a Software as a service (SaaS) solution offering a noninvasive analysis of embryo morphokinetic activity to improve pregnancy outcomes of assisted reproductive techniques in livestock.

    Founder and CEO: Cara Wells, an alumna of Davis College of Agricultural Sciences & Natural Resources.

    Award: $25,000

  • Envirostatus LLC: The company specializes in passive sampling technology that accurately measures freely dissolved concentrations of contaminants in aquatic media.

    Founders: Texas Tech staff and faculty members Magdalena Rakowska, Balaji Anandha Rao and Danny Reible.

    Award: $15,000

  • Ogallala Greens: The Slaton-based leafy greens producer is building a hydroponically operated greenhouse to provide vegetable produce to the Lubbock market year-round.

    Founder and CEO: Cory Roof is a West Texas community member.

    Award: $10,000

  • AlvMat: The company is on a mission to transform material innovations from the lab to real life, ranging from large-scale architectural applications to fingertip sensations. They are currently developing a Smart Breathing Window made with electro-responsive soft material to improve indoor air quality.

    Founders: Texas Tech faculty member Wei Li and graduate student Shakil Shimul.

    Award: $5,000

TTUHSC President's Awards

  • Buclid LLC: The medical education SaaS provider is developing a software, Meldogram, in collaboration with TTUHSC to automate the grading of written exams.

    Founders: TTUHSC faculty members Dr. Sarah Kiani, Dr. Hassan Khalid and TTUHSC medical student John Ciubuc.

    Award: $25,000

  • SmartMate Solutions LLC: The company's mission is to develop and market health support solutions. The company has designed and developed an IV Pole (SmartMate IV) to reduce patient falls in care settings and detect falls when they happen.

    Founders: Texas Tech faculty members Debajyoti Pati, James Yang, John Harry and graduate student Seyedehnastaran Hashemi.

    Award: $15,000

  • HiPr Innovation Inc: The company innovates devices to prevent pressure ulcers.

    Founder: TTUHSC medical student Harikrishan Sachdev.

    Award: $5,000

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