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Milestone® Mastercard® - Less Than Perfect Credit Considered

John Kiernan

January 27, 2022

WALLETHUB - The Milestone Credit Card is a good card for people with credit scores below 640 who don't want to put down a deposit.

The Milestone Card can be worthwhile because it has a $0 security deposit requirement and offers a $300 credit limit, with an annual fee of $35 - $75 the first year. That could make some emergency expenses a bit easier to handle, though a very high APR will apply to any balance that you carry from month to month. The Milestone Card's annual fee can also be as high as $99 from the second year on, so you don't want to need this card for too long.

Ask the Expert

Tanaka Chimbane is a financial coach, PH.D student at Texas Tech University

  • What advice do you have for someone with bad credit who wants an unsecured credit card?
  • Does it ever make sense to pay interest at a 25% APR?

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