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Texas Tech and Lubbock Christian Sign Updated Articulation Agreement

Lucy Greenberg

December 15, 2021


The two universities signed an agreement that will create new possibilities and degree options for students at both schools.

Texas Tech University and Lubbock Christian University signed an updated articulation agreement today (Dec. 15) that will allow students to seamlessly transfer select hours between the two schools. Both university presidents and provosts were present at the signing as well as many other faculty and staff.

“This agreement provides a unique opportunity for students to simultaneously earn degrees from two universities in the same city,” Texas Tech President Lawrence Schovanec said. “Not only will this partnership benefit both Texas Tech and Lubbock Christian, more importantly, it offers students additional options toward achieving their academic and career goals.” 

Lawrence Schovanec
Lawrence Schovanec

The two universities have partnered in the past, but the new agreement will open doors for even more collaboration between the schools' combined 210 undergraduate degree programs.  

“The Lubbock Christian academic community is excited to strengthen our partnership with Texas Tech,” Lubbock Christian President Scott McDowell said. “This collaboration has the potential to expand the academic pursuits of our students by allowing them to achieve an undergraduate degree from both schools simultaneously. 

“We have already seen the benefits of this cooperative approach with our mathematics students prepping for engineering at Texas Tech, and we are excited about broadening these opportunities to a variety of disciplines.” 

The unique partnership will provide innovative and challenging opportunities for students throughout the Lubbock community. Plans are underway to create specific degree programming within the new agreement.