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Texas Tech to Offer Free Safety Training to Local Bar Staff

Elyssa Sanders

November 4, 2021

Bar Safety

Lubbock bartenders are invited to learn about bystander intervention and sexual assault prevention through “Safe Night Out TTU.”

In an effort to promote safer nights out for Red Raiders and Lubbock community members, Texas Tech University is encouraging local bars to participate in free safety awareness training that will help bar staff recognize and respond to suspicious behaviors, at-risk customers, emergency code words and other red flags.

Previously known as the Safe Bar Initiative, Safe Night Out TTU is the result of a partnership between the Student Government Association (SGA) and the office of Risk Intervention & Safety Education (RISE).

“This initiative was founded on the idea that keeping our community safe starts with focused education efforts from a harm reduction and bystander intervention approach,” said Ashley Rose Marino, program manager of RISE.

“Safe Night Out TTU teaches bar staff about rape myths, Texas Tech policies and resources and how to recognize red flags and step in if needed. Working together to train our community one venue at a time not only can help keep Texas Tech students safer but can make going out in Lubbock safer for all."

The first Safe Night Out TTU training session will be at Two Docs Brewing Co., 502 Texas Ave., at 2 p.m. on Tuesday, Nov. 9.

Each training session will last approximately 45 minutes. Bars that participate will receive an official Safe Night Out TTU certification, Safe Night Out TTU resource posters and stickers, wristbands with QR codes linking to sexual assault resources, and a Safe Night Out TTU charging station so customers aren't left without a means of communication if their phone runs out of power.

Bars can request a free training session by emailing rise@ttu.edu for more information.