Texas Tech University

2021 Gas & Travel Credit Card Survey

John S Kiernan

June 23, 2021

WALLETHUB - WalletHub performed a nationally representative online survey, asking about everything from whether people consider the price of gas when making travel plans to how they decide where to fill up.

Ask the Experts

  • What would you say is the significance of this finding from WalletHub's survey: 12 times more people want gas rewards from their credit card than rewards for Uber/Lyft rides?
  • 33% of people believe credit card applicants should have to pass a test before becoming eligible to get a card (like with a driver's license). Is that a good idea?
  • What does it tell you that 37% of people say they would get a gas rewards credit card if it would save them at least $30 per month at the pump?

Click here to read the responses from Deborah Fowler Ph.D. – Associate Chairperson/Professor, Retail Management Program Director – Texas Tech University