Texas Tech University

Voters declare Lubbock, Tex., a 'sanctuary for the unborn' in effort to ban abortions

The Washington Post

May 5, 2021

The Washington Post - Last year, officials in Lubbock unanimously rejected an ordinance banning abortions and declaring the municipality a “sanctuary city for the unborn.” Now, six months later, residents of the conservative west Texas city have passed the ordinance themselves.

Richard D. Rosen, a constitutional law professor at Texas Tech University in Lubbock, said that while the measure is “cleverly written,” he believes it is unconstitutional “because you're essentially punishing Planned Parenthood or another abortion provider for performing a constitutionally protected procedure.” But whether it will be allowed to stand won't be known until it's challenged in court and a judge makes a ruling. That could mean a legal battle costly for both sides.

“This is the real test case because we actually have a Planned Parenthood clinic here,” Rosen said.

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