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University Announces Public-Private Partnership with Premier Oilfield Group

Glenys Young

April 8, 2021

President Schovanec

(VIDEO) Researchers gain access to the company’s vast geological database and network.

Texas Tech University and Premier Oilfield Group today (April 8) announced the formation of a public-private partnership significantly enhancing geoscience research, exploration and innovation across the Permian Basin region.

As part of the partnership, Premier Oilfield Group, a global leader in the aggregation, generation and application of rock and fluid data, will partner with Texas Tech researchers at the university's core repository in Midland, which houses a vast library of more than 230,000 geological rock core samples and cuttings taken from oil wells. The repository was originally collected and gifted to Texas Tech by ExxonMobil in 2019. Additionally, the facility will henceforth be co-branded as the Texas Tech Core Repository Powered by Premier Oilfield Group.


The Texas Tech core repository will join the existing collection of more than 300,000 wells of cuttings and core samples at the Premier Sample Library located in Midland. Access to these wells and the associated geological data from the core and cuttings is made available through datastak™, Premier's proprietary online search engine and marketplace. Premier and Texas Tech will work together to continue expanding this collection and make all samples and data available for access.

“Our research and educational programs in petroleum engineering and geosciences have supported the oil and gas industry that is so essential to West Texas and the state,” said Lawrence Schovanec, Texas Tech president. “This partnership with Premier Oilfield Group will deliver our students and researchers even greater possibilities. We appreciate the opportunity provided by the Premier Oilfield Group to increase our engagement with the oil and gas industry.”

Premier Oilfield Group also has committed to advancing education and research through philanthropic support for undergraduate and graduate scholarships benefitting Texas Tech students.

This public-private partnership is a first-of-its-kind at Texas Tech and will open doors for university researchers, including those in the Texas Tech Department of Geosciences, giving access to Premier Oilfield Group's industry-leading global laboratories in Midland and Houston as well as use of large volumes of geological data and rock samples available through the Premier Sample Library and datastakTM system.


“We are proud and excited to be a part of this unique public-private partnership with Texas Tech University,” said Randal Wichuk, CEO of Premier Oilfield Group. “In collaboration with Texas Tech, Premier is able to provide the resources for both academia and industry to gain access to the valuable information contained within these rock samples, which will ultimately lead to more efficient and environmentally sensitive development of the earth's subsurface resources. This partnership is a great example of how industry and the public can work together, through knowledge sharing, access to resources and funding of academic programs, to benefit the earth sciences community and inspire young geoscientists to take on new challenges.”

Texas Tech and Premier Oilfield Group will continue to work together in creative ways to expand the overall scope of geoscience research, discovery and innovative opportunities across the Permian Basin region.

About Premier Oilfield Group

Premier Oilfield Group is a global leader in the aggregation, generation and application of rock and fluid data, utilizing it to better understand, explore and develop earth resources. It is founded on the belief that the data-driven energy industry is here, and generating and sharing relevant data from rock and fluid samples is the key to more effective and efficient resource development. Premier has assembled world-class experts, laboratories and platforms to produce data, make it readily accessible and help its clients apply the data effectively. Visit Premier's website to learn more.