Texas Tech University

Energy is key to our health and wealth, yet the public understands little about it

Dallas Morning News

March 26, 2021

Dallas Morning News - In an era of having access to all past and present knowledge ever created in all of recorded history, how is it that we can know and appreciate so little about the one thing that makes modern life in 2021 possible? Energy education is not only beneficial to those who seek it, it is also absolutely critical to our collective survival.

American universities are increasingly aware of the need to offer more courses and degrees that expand our understanding of the importance of energy and how we get it. One such tangible step is the launch of new degrees, like the master's degree recently started at Texas Tech University. The Master of Science in Interdisciplinary Studies in Energy degree program was created in direct response to the private sector's desire for universities to offer a professional degree that is premised on an interdisciplinary curriculum that prepares energy professionals for the challenges of the future. In fact, over 150 American universities have just come together to create a new organization called Universities with Energy Institutes Collaborative. The private sector, government policymakers, and students are seeking more and better education on energy topics, and universities are taking meaningful steps to respond.

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