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Engineering Love: Alumnus Ivan Hall Discusses 'Bachelorette,' Time at Texas Tech

Amanda Bowman

February 19, 2021

Ivan Hall

Hall reflects on his time at Texas Tech and what it was like to be a contestant on one of TV’s most popular shows, "The Bachelorette."

For many people, post-graduation plans seem to involve at least two things: find a great job with a wonderful company, then thrive in that position. Most people don't foresee appearing on a national TV show and having tabloid-esque magazine articles written about them. But that's what happened to Texas Tech University alumnus Ivan Hall.

Hall Memorial Circle
Hall standing outside near Memorial Circle.

Hall, who graduated in 2015 with a degree in industrial engineering through the Edward E. Whitacre Jr. College of Engineering, is a senior software quality engineer at aerospace technology company Lockheed Martin. He was tapped by producers at ABC to appear on ratings darling "The Bachelorette" for its 23rd season to vie for the affection of Tayshia Adams.

Hall has been covered extensively in publications likes US Magazine, Parade and People. He made it to the finale as one of three finalists, but his romance with Adams, unfortunately, didn't last.

Though he was made a household name seemingly overnight, there's much more to Hall than his time on TV. Here, he discusses his time at Texas Tech, what he does for a living and what it was like being a "Bachelorette" contestant.

Why did you choose Texas Tech for your college experience?
I wanted to get a great all-around college experience. Texas Tech was also the only place I visited when I was in high school, and it made me feel comfortable.

Did you have any favorite courses?
My favorite course was probably statistics. I am really interested in stats/data, and it plays a big part in my career now.

Hall tennis
Hall also spent time playing tennis.

What made you choose industrial engineering as a major?
I chose industrial engineering because it most aligned with the way I think. I also knew that an engineering degree from Texas Tech would help set me up to make a good living fresh out of college.

Besides academics, what else were you involved in during your time on campus?
I was heavily involved with intramural sports. I won the pingpong tournament twice and was always competitive in the flag football and basketball leagues.

Was working for Lockheed Martin a goal of yours?
My goal was to get a job with a solid company back in Dallas. Lockheed Martin fit the mold, so I applied. It was a great decision, to say the least!

Describe your job and the day-to-day process.
I use data and metrics to identify issues and lead process improvement projects across the F-35 fighter jet program. My day to day varies, and I do enjoy the opportunity to work from home full time.

Why did you decide to apply to "The Bachelorette?"
The show reached out to me on Instagram, and I was shocked by the request. When researching the show, I knew it would be a unique and life-changing opportunity to potentially find love, make friends and challenge myself in ways I've never been challenged before. In addition, I am 28 years old and settled in my career now. I have a great job, loving family and I'm in a position to start my own family.

Hall playing pool
Hall playing pool.

What was it like "competing" with the other contestants?
Some of the group dates did have a competition feel, but at the end of the day, the main focus was advancing my relationship with Tayshia.

Would you consider being in another reality show, perhaps even "The Bachelor?"
Yes, I would consider being on the show again. All around, it was a great experience for me from top to bottom.

Is there anything else you'd like to add or mention about your time at Texas Tech?
I love being a Red Raider, and can't wait to make it back out there for to watch our men's basketball team dominate!