Texas Tech University

Texas Tech Ranked No. 1 Online College in the State

George Watson

October 22, 2020


The rankings by Texas Online Colleges takes into account not only the quality of programs offered but also how well they serve students and the number of graduates produced.

Texas Tech University's commitment to providing a quality education in a wide variety of ways continues to elevate the university as a leader among its peers as well as produce top-flight graduates ready to make a difference in multiple disciplines.

That commitment was recognized by Texas Online Colleges, which ranked Texas Tech as the best online college in the state among the 20 colleges and universities considered. The rankings consider not only the quality of academics offered by each school, but also the number of online programs offered as well as the number of students who graduate from those online programs.

online learning
Texas Tech has been ranked as the No. 1 Best Online College in Texas by Texas Online Colleges.

"Texas Tech University is a leader in online education and has been for many years," said Justin Louder, associate vice provost for eLearning & Academic Partnerships. "Our faculty, staff, and administration work together to be sure that the programs we offer online are of the highest quality and are accessible to learners from wherever they may be."

To be considered for this list, schools must offer at least three online bachelor's degrees. Texas Tech also was ranked as the No. 2 best value online college in Texas as well as among the most affordable online colleges in the state, offering 80 fully online degree programs as well as 20 online certificate and certification prep programs.

Texas Online Colleges praised Texas Tech and eLearning & Academic Partnerships for its commitment to providing educational opportunities for veterans and active military members and their dependents. Texas Tech also earned marks for its collaborative efforts with the community to create strong partnerships.

Texas Tech's score of 99 (out of 100) was the highest among the schools on the list. The score was calculated using seven specific data points:

  • Student-to-faculty ratio

  • Number of degrees an institution awards in the program's field each year

  • Graduation rate

  • Retention rate

  • Percentage of online students

  • Concentrated influence – a measure of the academic importance of a school

  • Desirability – a measure of how many students chose to go to an institution

To see the full list of Best Online Colleges ranked by Texas Online Colleges, go to its website.