Texas Tech University

Universities operating online K-12 schools report enrollment boost due to COVID-19


September 21, 2020

INSIDE HIGHER ED - Dissatisfied with the way local schools are responding to the pandemic, families increasingly turn to online K-12 options to educate their children - including schools run by universities.

At another university-run online school, Texas Tech University's TTU K-12, the pandemic has also boosted enrollment.

“We are sitting at about 2,400 students. Of that 2,400, around 55 percent are domestic,” said Justin Louder, interim superintendent at the school. Student numbers fluctuate, as it is possible for students to enroll or graduate at any time, but Louder estimates around 300 full-time students enrolled because of the pandemic. Around 100 additional students who were close to graduating from high school came to TTU K-12 just to take a few classes.

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