Texas Tech University

Our Water: rainwater conservation awards highlight experimental home in Junction


September 9, 2020

KSAN - San Angelo - The Texas Water Development Board announced the 2020 winners of the Rain Catcher Awards. The awards serve to recognize innovative effort in the catching, using, and conserving of rain water. Among the 2020 winners are several residential and agricultural entries, as well as urban endeavors like the Austin Central Library.

“So the project is called HUMS, which stands for the home utility management system,” explained project lead Dr. Brian Ancell an Assistant Professor of Atmospheric Science at Texas Tech University. “The kind of overarching goal of the project is essentially to remove the significant vulnerabilities we have with regard to our current water supply and power supply for that matter. The test home is out there at the field station right now in Junction. [It] is completely outfitted in terms of the water side.”

The project, run by Texas Tech University, includes solar and wind energy, as well as the water systems.

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