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Expert Available to Discuss Effect of Crowd Noise in Sports Broadcasts

Amanda Bowman

July 28, 2020

With professional sports now returning without fans in the stands, the lack of crowd noise could impact viewers’ experiences.

As some professional sports, like European soccer leagues and Major League Baseball, make their return, they are doing so without fans in the stands. The lack of crowd noise and number of empty seats changes the atmosphere of the game, not just for the athletes and personnel on the field, but for the fans watching from home as well. To overcome this, some networks are using artificial crowd noise during broadcasts.

Glenn Cummins
Glenn Cummins

Glenn Cummins, associate professor and associate dean for research and grants in the College of Media & Communication, is available to discuss the impact these broadcasts will have on fans watching from home, including the impact the lack of crowd noise or use of artificial crowd noise will have on viewers' experiences.

Glenn Cummins, associate professor and associate dean for research and grants, College of Media & Communication, (806) 834-3117 or glenn.cummins@ttu.edu

Talking points
• Watching sports is a social activity, and the lack of fans can negatively impact viewers' attitudes of the broadcast.
• Previous research has shown that when crowd noise has been enhanced, audiences rated the competition as more exciting.
• The effect of artificial crowd noise was strongest when the competition was dull.
• The same effect has been observed for radio and television broadcasts.