Texas Tech University

Creative Media Industries Alumna Turns Passion for Video into Potential Career

McKenzi Morris

June 26, 2020

Anwen Pope received one of the Texas Tech Parents Association’s 2020 Student Academic Leadership Awards.

In February, Texas Tech University and the Texas Tech Parents Association announced the 2020 Student Academic Leadership Award recipients to honor outstanding students who excel both in and out of the classroom. We are highlighting Texas Tech University students who were recognized.

For most students, watching a movie is a great way to take a break from studying and relax for a few hours. For recent graduate Anwen Pope, it's a passion. She started taking audio/video production classes in high school and quickly fell in love with being behind the camera and creating stories through videos. This led her to Texas Tech University's College of Media & Communication where Pope was a creative media industries major.

In her time at Texas Tech, Pope became involved with a number of organizations that allow her to showcase her production skills and strong leadership abilities. She was the president of the Tech Creative Media Association (TCMA) as well as an organizer for Campus Movie Fest. Pope also worked with the Department of Transition and Engagement, helping create photos and videos for the department's social media and marketing materials.

Pope's love for video and filmmaking shined through in the work she did for these organizations, as well as in the classroom. One of her projects was accepted to the Flatland Film Festival, and she always was willing to help classmates and friends when it comes to video.

Her involvement in multiple areas across campus helped her receive one of this year's Student Academic Leadership Awards.

How are you a leader in the classroom?
I have a dedication to my studies and make sure to show up to class on time, take notes and actively participate in class discussions and opportunities. I aim to get good grades in my classes, which has resulted in me being awarded Dean's or President's List every semester I have been at Texas Tech. I try to get the most out of my classroom experiences. For example, one of the films I worked on in a features and documentary class went on to be accepted into the 2019 Flatland Film Festival.

How are you a leader outside the classroom?
Outside the classroom, I am currently the president of TCMA and have been actively involved in the organization since my freshman year. I also have helped organize the Campus Movie Fest, a nationwide student film festival, which was brought to Texas Tech for the second time this year. Additionally, I often help in the creation of various video projects outside of schoolwork with my friends and peers.

Why did you select your major?
In high school, I took two years of audio/video production classes, which introduced me to film as a potential career field that I truly enjoyed working and participating in. This led to me searching for colleges with majors related to video production and ultimately led to me choosing Texas Tech and the creative media industries major.

How do you intend to use your education in the future?
I intend to use the education I have obtained at Texas Tech to go out into the workforce within the field of video production. The education I have received will give me an edge against other potential employees and a more solid foundation in the skills and nuances of video production.

How has Texas Tech helped you along the path to those goals?
Texas Tech, specifically the College of Media & Communication and the Honors College, has given me so many opportunities to grow my skills, knowledge and experiences in a productive manner. They also have encouraged me to keep growing my abilities and to keep excelling at a higher level.

Who has had the biggest impact on you, and why?
There have been a lot of people who have impacted me during my time at Texas Tech. One of the biggest reasons I ended up coming to Texas Tech and continue to be presented such great opportunities are the professors I've had. In particular, Todd Chambers has been an influence on my time at Texas Tech as he pushed for me to get involved my freshman year. This led to me joining TCMA. He also recommended me for my current job as the videography intern in the Department of Transition and Engagement at Texas Tech. I also have been able to learn a lot from professors like Robert Peaslee and Jerod Foster, who led the study abroad trip to New Zealand I participated in during the summer of 2019. I also got to take the Adventure Media course led by Dr. Foster and Justin Keene. All these experiences have really set in motion my creative abilities and experiences as they are very hands-on courses.