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Are Schools Opening Too Soon? What are the Alternatives?

Leslie Cranford

June 29, 2020

Justin Louder, interim superintendent for TTU K-12, is available to discuss viable options to traditional, brick-and-mortar schooling, like TTU K-12.

As Texas and other states plan to open schools amid an ever-increasing number of COVID-19 cases, some parents are concerned about sending their children back into school buildings. Schooling students at home is an alternative, but some parents may have questions about curriculum and the options available for state-approved, online courses that can transfer back to their school.

TTU K-12, a unit of Texas Tech University's eLearning & Academic Partnerships, is an approved, online kindergarten through 12th-grade school that has been meeting students' needs for 25 years. Justin R Louder, interim superintendent for TTU K-12, is available to discuss the state-approved curriculum that is available to start anytime, from anywhere.

Justin Louder
Justin Louder


Justin R Louder, Ed.D; interim superintendent, TTU K-12, and associate vice provost, Texas Tech eLearning & Academic Partnerships; (806) 834-1740 or justin.louder@ttu.edu

Talking Points

  • Since 1993, TTU K-12 has served more than 400,000 students in over 70 countries.
  • There are three options for completing courses and credits:
    • A full-time diploma program that allows students to graduate from Texas Tech University High School.
    • Individual courses that allow students to make up credits, work ahead and/or graduate early.
    • Credit by Exam, which allows students to test out of courses or credits.
  • Students can enroll anytime and start anytime in an entirely self-paced curriculum.
  • Since courses are approved by the Texas Education Agency, credits transfer back to the student's school.


  • "In 1993, the Texas Legislature approved TTU K-12 as a special-purpose district to serve student populations who weren't being adequately served by traditional schools."
  • "This past school year and this summer have been anything but traditional. Parents, grandparents and guardians became stay-at-home teachers. Students learned not in a classroom, but through Zoom and Google Hangouts. They all became proficient at online education and made it through."
  • "This summer and fall, if you're looking for options to traditional school, think about TTU K-12."