Texas Tech University

States Hit Most by Unemployment Claims


June 4, 2020

WalletHub - Facing a pandemic is stressful enough by itself, but many Americans must deal with losing their employment on top of health concerns. To help guide Americans in this time of crisis, WalletHub turned to a panel of experts to provide some additional insight.

"The emergency relief package was a large and necessary relief effort to provide a financial lifeline to businesses and families during this historic economic shutdown," said Michael D. Noel," associate professor of economics, Texas Tech University. "The pandemic arriving on our shores triggered the most sudden and widespread economic collapse in our history. The relief package was not, and could not, be expected to provide full relief to businesses and families, and it not possible for the government to support a nationwide welfare state on borrowed money for any length of time. Its goal was to keep as many businesses and families as possible above water, while our infection prevention response caught up to the terrible reality of this pandemic."

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