Texas Tech University

A Day in the Life of a Student at Home

Codi Clark

May 7, 2020

A look into what a day looks like for me as a Texas Tech student in rural east Texas.

Over a month ago, the lives of every person at Texas Tech and across the country were completely upended. Campus was shut down, and people were sent home. It was hard adjusting to online classes for many of us. I personally love going to class. I love sitting in a classroom, seeing my friends, having a schedule and having a designated place to learn and work. So, altering my way of life was difficult as it was for many of you. While the normal college experience ceased to exist for the time being, life continues to move forward for all of us.  

A typical day of quarantine life at home in Honey Grove, Texas looks as follows. The day starts with coffee, work and bones for the pup; I paint when I need a break from my laptop screen. We may go into town to run errands once or twice a week, picking up worksheets from the high school my mom teaches at and lunch from local restaurants. Back home, we feed the animals and get an evening workout in before winding down on the coach and calling it a day.

These times have been tough for everyone, but together, we will beat these hard times and come back home to Texas Tech.

Parents at home in living room
Classroom setup at home
Painting to pass the time
Picking up curbside
Picking up local newspaper from Paris High School
Helping with horses and donkeys.
Outdoor yoga session
Outdoor yoga session in the grass
Feeding birds
Frisbee fetch with the dog
Watching television on the couch
Clark family home front porch in the evening