Texas Tech University

Colleges balance student safety with falling revenues — here’s how universities will be transformed in the fall


May 21, 2020

MarketWatch - Many colleges are likely avoiding big pronouncements about their plans as a way to sustain enrollment, one consultant said

Lawrence Schovanec, the president of Texas Tech University, is in the process of nailing down the details of a physically distant, in-person university experience. He announced last month that Texas Tech will be doing a phased-in return to campus this fall.

"It's not going to be the same experience they left in the spring," he said. Schovanec and other officials are working through the specifics of what that will look like. They're considering issues ranging from how to move pedestrians through campus without crowding, to whether to adjust dismissal times for classes to reduce the number of people walking through hallways at once, to how they might deal with residence halls. As of last week, dorms looked like they would be booked to nearly 100% capacity, but "we can't have that," Schovanec said.

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