Texas Tech University

Creating a shared research center

University Business

April 10, 2020

University Business - The College of Media and Communication is the entity sharing research equipment at Texas Tech University. The Center for Communication Research has been around since the 1970s but only within the last six years has the center expanded to serve a wider range of individuals including faculty, staff, and students.

Kristina McCravey, the program and lab manager for the Center for Communication Research at the College of Media and Communication at Texas Tech University, plans to present on shared research space at UB Tech® 2020 in a talk entitled How to Create and Manage Shared Resources for Research. At her university, she is responsible for setting up and maintaining research equipment for faculty and graduate students and for managing logistics of research space and equipment. UB spoke with McCravey about her work.

The Center for Communication Research has 6,000 square feet of research space as well as a multitude of research equipment for use. We utilize equipment for eye tracking, virtual reality, psychophysiological data collection, dial testing, large in-person surveys, focus groups, and gaming research. It is not unheard of for researchers to request something new and the modular setup allows me to alter the room and equipment configuration to suit their needs.

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