Texas Tech University

33 Years After Dubious Evidence Helped Convict Him, Joe Bryan Has Been Released on Parole


April 10, 2020

ProPublica - Bryan, the subject of a ProPublica-New York Times Magazine investigation that questioned the integrity of the expert forensic testimony used to convict him, has always maintained that he had no part in the 1985 shooting death of his wife, Mickey. Bryan was twice convicted of her murder, which took place in their Clifton, Texas, home.

The next phase of litigation in Bryan's case will be in the federal courts. The Innocence Clinic at Texas Tech University School of Law, in partnership with the Innocence Project of Texas and Bryan's longtime attorney Jessica Freud, plans to file a federal appeal in Bryan's case. Last month, the clinic's four law students met with Bryan in prison, in Beaumont, Texas. “These are four very critical thinkers,” said Allison Clayton, the clinic's director. “And they walked away not only convinced of his innocence but energized to put in the work to prove it.”

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