Texas Tech University

Super Bowl's halftime show was historic. But Latino influence on the field is increasing, too.

Jorge Iber and Mario Longoria

February 7, 2020

NBC - The city of Miami is known far and wide for its Latin spice. From Little Havana to South Beach, the community pulsates with a sabor (flavor) that has made it an international, cosmopolitan center. This element was certainly felt by those who visited South Florida for Super Bowl LIV. This flavor was also felt within Hard Rock Stadium, as the halftime show pulsated with the unabashedly Latinx rhythms of Jennifer Lopez and Shakira. It will certainly be remembered as one of the most impressive performances of the past decade.

Jorge Iber is a professor of history and associate dean for the College of Arts and Sciences at Texas Tech University in Lubbock. His research focuses on the role of Latino and Latinas in U.S. sports.

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