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Experts Available to Comment on Popular New Year's Resolutions

Glenys Young

December 20, 2019

Exercise, weight loss, and time and stress management are among the most common changes vowed each January.

As the end of the year approaches, many people are beginning to think about new beginnings. January brings with it a new year and a new decade, and for many, it's an opportunity to make the changes they've been putting off. Whether those changes focus on shedding extra pounds or better managing time and stress, Texas Tech University experts can offer insights and suggestions to increase the odds of success.



Allison Childress, assistant professor in the Department of Nutritional Sciences, director of the online master's program in nutrition and dietetics, and chief clinical dietitian for the Nutrition & Metabolic Health Initiative, (806) 834-6371 or allison.childress@ttu.edu
• Childress is a licensed dietitian in Texas and New Mexico and maintains a consulting practice as well. Allison is board certified in Sports Dietetics, as well as a certified personal trainer. She has experience as a clinical and consultant-registered dietitian specializing in cardiac, women's health, bariatric, pediatric and geriatric nutrition as well as weight management.
• Childress is available to discuss dieting and weight loss.


Michelle Kiser, senior director of Support Operations for Academic Retention (SOAR) and the RaiderReady program, (806) 742-5921 or michelle.kiser@ttu.edu
• With expertise in content area literacy, developmental education and academic support programs, Kiser manages:
o RaiderReady, which acclimates, prepares and guides students throughout their academic journeys. Courses help students manage the transition from high school to Texas Tech; balance off-campus living, budgeting, stress management and choosing a career; preparing for life after graduation with topics such as service learning, leadership and research; and transitioning into a career.
o The Learning Center, which provides students with the resources to obtain academic independence and success through peer tutoring and academic planning, support and coaching.
o Supplemental Instruction, which offers free, peer-led review sessions for historically difficult courses.
o Texas Success Initiative, a developmental education program focused on reading, writing and mathematics.
o Programs for Academic Development and Retention, which provide academic and personal management skills to make students successful during their college careers and beyond.
• Kiser is available to discuss academic success, stress management and time management.